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April 14, 2023

Sierra de Irta Natural Park

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The Sierra de Irta Natural Park a treasure of 13 kilometers of untouched Mediterranean coast, is sheltered by the coastal towns of Peñíscola and Alcocebre, and by Alcalá de Chivert and Santa Magdalena de Pulpis inland. Unlike much of the Valencian coast, this region has managed to stay intact and protected from human destruction.

Sierra de Irta is a place you should discover as soon as possible. Why not explore this natural area? The answer is simple: because it’s unique. Despite being in an intensely urbanized area, we have managed to preserve this treasure of 13 kilometers of untouched Mediterranean coast. A natural space that deserves our respect and help for its conservation.

In Sierra de Irta you can still find archaeological remains of various civilizations that occupied it over the centuries. The Arab castles in Alcalá de Chivert and Santa Magdalena de Pulpis, and the watchtowers of Badum and Ebrí, which still stand, are testament to this.

Sierra de Irta has the Torre Badum cliff, one of the highest in the entire Valencian Community, and its highest peak, Campanilles, does not exceed 600 meters, so it does not present large unevenness. In addition, this area is very rich in typical Mediterranean flora and fauna.

In Sierra de Irta you can find a total of eight walking routes and three cycling routes of different intensities, all of them properly signposted. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose one route or another. Some pass through the coast, while others are pure mountain.

But it’s not all about walking. In a place as natural as this, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and with an enviable climate almost all year round, it’s unthinkable not to take a dip in its warm waters. From Alcocebre to Peñíscola, you will find all kinds of coves and beaches.

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